Ways to Prepare for the Exam

Gain a thorough understanding of how the exam is structured.

The following information is taken from the CRC® Policies Manual, Section 4 – Test Development, Administration, Scoring, Analysis and Reporting.

1.  We recommend that you invest some time specifically exploring how the CRC® exam

2.  Prepare for the exam by first reviewing the CRC® Test Specifications. The four-hour, 200-question multiple-choice exam covers the domains of practice and knowledge required to perform tasks listed in the CRC® Test Specifications, and should be well understood before taking the exam.

3.  Be sure to also download and review the current year’s COLA updates here.

4.  View a summary of the Job Analysis conducted to determine the CRC® Test Specifications.

5.  View a summary of how the CRC® pass point is determined.

6.  You may choose to use your own study materials and other resources to prepare.  However, InFRE provides optional print, live classroom review and online exam preparation resources to help candidates prepare for the exam.  Here’s how they can help you study for the exam:

a.  InFRE’s CRC® Study Guides contain quiz questions at the end of each chapter to use in testing your knowledge.

b.  CRC® candidates who purchase study materials may be eligible to take online quizzes to receive credit toward CFP® continuing education requirements. InFRE CRC® courses 2 & 3 are approved to meet your CFP® continuing education requirements. After passing the course exam, CFP credits can be self-reported for free or InFRE can report credits for $25 per course.

c.  Review the 18 hours of elearning review courses to confirm your understanding, which are free when you purchase a complete set of CRC® Study Guides.