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How to choose a qualified retirement planner

78 million Boomers will retire over the next 18 years – more than 10,000 Americans every day! Fortunately, InFRE’s NCCA accredited Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) certification prepares professionals to help you be ready for this phase of life and have enough money to last a lifetime.

Find out more why it is important for you to work with a Certified Retirement Counselor®.

Why Only Choose Advisors with Accredited Certifications?

Depending on who you talk to, there are between 150 and 300 designations available to retirement advisors today. The alphabet soup bowl of designations is so large that not even the financial services industry can track them all.

Some of the more credible designations require a valid assessment of knowledge and ongoing education and are independently accredited. Others mislead consumers about the rigor associated with obtaining the designation and may be earned in a weekend after paying a few hundred dollars and attending a seminar.

But make no mistake, financial services professionals should be encouraged to participate in credible professional development programs that show consumers that they have demonstrated competency in a particular subject matter.

Find out how to tell the quality designations from the less credible. 

Find a CRC® Professional

Choosing a professional to help you prepare for retirement and manage your retirement income may be one of the most important decisions you’ll even make. A retirement counselor can play a significant role in helping you meet your retirement goals and desired well-being. It is important to take the time to select someone who is competent and trustworthy, one on whom you can depend for guidance and services.

By looking up CRC® professionals, you will find individuals currently authorized by the CRC Board of Standards and Policy Development (Board of Standards) to use the CRC® and CERTIFIED RETIREMENT COUNSELOR® certification marks.

Find a CRC® here.

Verify the Current Status of a CRC® Certificant

In order to become CRC® certified, candidates must pass a rigorous examination, meet experience requirements and pass a background check. They must also indicate that they will adhere to the CRC® Code of Ethics. In order to maintain their CRC certification, certificants must complete and submit 15 hours of continuing education annually. To ensure an individual has met the initial and ongoing CRC® eligibility requirements click here.


If you are concerned about the professional behavior of a CRC® certificant, we encourage you to file a Certificant Complaint. You may also file your complaint by calling 847-756-7350 ext 134.

Disciplinary Procedure

When a CRC® certificant violates the CRC® Code of Ethics, does not maintain their ongoing eligibility requirements, or is in violation of other policies, they are subject to disciplinary procedures and may be subject to suspension or revocation of their right to use the CRC® marks. Please click here to view the CRC® disciplinary procedures.

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