The CRC’s Board of Standards and Policy Development

Board of Standards and Policy Development

The Board of Standards and Policy Development (BOS) is the policy-making and oversight body of Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC ®) certification .

The purpose of the BOS is to independently establish the governing rules and regulations related to certification programs, make determinations regarding eligibility and all essential certification decisions, and provide mediation and interpretations for the program, as needed by staff and other volunteer groups.

In addition, the BOS regulates the use of the (Certified Retirement Counselor ®) CRC® marks through trademark law by authorizing individuals who meet its certification requirements to use the marks.

The BOS consists of individuals with various experiences and backgrounds that represent stakeholder groups working in the public interest. Current members are:


Ron Nichols Ron Nichols, – Chairperson
Retiree Advocate, Empower Retirement
Curt Morrow Curt Morrow, CFP, ChFC, CRC, – Co-Chairperson
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co
 Leigh Donohue sized  Leigh Donohue, CRC
Sherry Keegan, CRC,
Keegan Wealth Management & Retirement Strategies, LLC
 RJKirk Raymond Kirk,
Retired – Benefits Officer Training & Development Group, Office of Personnel Management- Public Member
Lance Palmer sized Lance Palmer, Ph.D., CFP, CPA, MBA,
Associate Professor, University of Georgia
 JP Headshot  Justin Price, CFP, CRC
AIM Advisory Group
  Donna Richards, CRC, CISP, MBA,
First National Bank of Hutchinson

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