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April 1, 2019 How to digest financial advisers’ alphabet soup of professional certifications
December 6, 2017 Why early retirees should prepare for austerity, Market Watch
November 29, 2017 How to navigate your career, Financial Planning
April 25, 2017 Can I afford to retire now? There are 4 things to consider, USA TODAY
July 14, 2016 Next phase in the fiduciary saga, Bank Investment Consultant
January 15, 2016 Advisors Boost Their Retirement Planning Know-How, Investor’s Business Daily
June 06, 2015 Retiring? You have 401(k) options, USA Today
May 31, 2015

Credentials to Look for in a Financial Adviser, Wall Street Journal

May 22, 2015 A well-rounded retirement planning education, Life Health Pro
March 28, 2014 The Legend Group Implements Advanced Retirement Planning Educational Program for Advisors, Herald Online (no longer available)
February 6, 2014 Retirement income planning: Learning the hard way, Life Health Pro
January 29, 2014 Getting into the retirement income planning game, Life Health Pro
July 2, 2013 Choosing The Best Retirement Income Designation for Financial Advisors, Michael Kitces
June 25, 2013 Retirement Credentials That Stand Out From the Crowd, Financial Advisor IQ
June 18, 2013 Retirement Income Designations – Which Should You Choose?, Advisor Perspectives
December 2010 The Business Benefits of Retirement Planning, Journal of Financial Planning
December 2010 It’s Time for a New Retirement Model for the Middle Market, Journal of Financial Planning
September 9, 2010
Advising the Mid-Market, Advisor One
August 2010
Managing Retirement Income for the Mid-Market, Journal of Financial Planning
November 25, 2009
Ally, Ally, InFRE, Retirement Income Journal
September 16, 2009
InFRE Retirement Certification Wins Accreditation, Retirement Income Journal
August 1, 2009
Mom, Apple Pie & Financial Education, Financial Planning
July 22, 2009
Insecurity Grows Among Retirees, Retirement Income Journal
February 26, 2009
More employers offer seminars to help workers sort out retirement, Dallas News (no longer available)

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