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The Fork in the Road: What Impacts Ethics Decisions


Ethical missteps in today’s lightspeed social media environment can have far-reaching personal and professional consequences for retirement industry professionals.


This session takes an in-depth look into ethics concepts, what influences our ethics decisions, and ethics problem-solving processes to help navigate the perilous ethics waters.

Additional emphasis will be placed on the importance of values and biases. Lastly, the session will take a look at existing research on generational ethics differences.

In “The Fork in The Road: What Impacts Ethics Decisions” with Dennis Gatlin, you will:

  1. Learn why ethics and ethics codes are important and should be studied;
  2. Learn where to find ethics statements;
  3. Review the InFRE Ethics Code to find its underlying values;
  4. Learn about ethical dilemmas and what drives them;
  5. Review ethics problem-solving processes;
  6. Learn about research on generational ethics differences.

This session meets the CRC® requirement of two hours of ethics continuing education every two years.

This course should be taken after the Ethics for Retirement Professionals which covers the InFRE Code of Ethics.

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