Retirement Counseling Certification, Training and Development

The changes being made in public sector retirement plan design today require employers to enhance the education and counseling provided to employees to help them shoulder  increased personal responsibility for their retirement future.

In today’s retirement environment, public sector retirement counselors need to be knowledgeable about all types of retirement plans – including defined benefit, defined contribution, deferred compensation, Roth plans, and more – to better help employees be retirement ready.

Based on original research and analysis by a team of over 70 retirement practitioners in both the public and private sectors and in partnership with Texas Tech University, one of the leading financial planning universities in the country, the CRC® is a one-of-a-kind certification designed to enable public sector retirement professionals like to you meet the increasingly complex decisions that need to be made by today’s government sector retirees amid benefits changes, uncertain future health care costs, and retirement risks such as longevity, inflation, and market risks.

InFRE’s Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) professional certification program is now used by over 60 retirement systems and is fast becoming recognized as one of the most comprehensive and informative programs that meets the training needs of public sector retirement systems using primary or optional defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, or hybrid plans. Retirement systems such as Colorado PERA, Ohio STRS, CalSTRS, South Dakota Retirement System, PSRS of Missouri and other state, county and local entities use the CRC® to enhance the professional skills and ongoing knowledge of their retirement counselors.

The Certified Retirement Counselor certification and related professional development programs are endorsed by the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) and the National Pension Education Association (NPEA).

Save When You Purchase the Bundle of CRC® Study Guides

This five-part program is offered as an optional educational resource to help CRC® candidates prepare for the CRC® examination.

The five CRC®study guides include:

  • CRC 1: Fundamentals of Retirement Planning
  • CRC 2: Fundamentals of Investments
  • CRC 3: Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design
  • CRC 4: Fundamentals of Retirement Income Management
  • CRC 5: Principles of Retirement Counseling and Education

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The five study modules are:


The InFRE five-part print study guide bundle helps CRC® candidates prepare for the CRC® examinations. Buy all five guides at once, a perfect addition to your professional library, and receive a quantity discount while also saving money on shipping! Read more!


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Purchase your study guides and pay your exam fee now to save time and money!

The CRC exam fee is $525 and may be paid at the time you are ready to take the exam. The total fee when paying for your study guides and the CRC examination fee separately is therefore $1,024 ($499 study guides + $525 exam). You can save $99 by paying only $925 for both the study guide and exam fees now.

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Preview the course contents here

Course #1: Fundamentals of Retirement Planning

By taking a close look at how to plan for retirement at different career stages, CRC® Course #1 provides techniques for understanding the broad variety of factors that can affect a client’s retirement goals. With a strong emphasis on how the basic tools of financial planning can be used to best prepare for retirement, this course establishes the foundation of the CRC® series.

CRC® #1 features methods for motivating and educating clients on the need to save for retirement, and the importance of taking personal responsibility for their own financial futures. Read more!

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Course #2: Fundamentals of Investments

For a retirement program to work as envisioned, retirement professionals must thoroughly understand the basic concepts and terminology needed to help clients/participants/employees invest wisely for their long-term retirement goals.

In this course, you’ll learn investment concepts that are critical to effective retirement counseling. Emphasis is on training the retirement counselor to assist members/participants in feeling comfortable with the investment decisions that must be made to achieve a financially worry-free retirement. The course includes a discussion of how to present the information in the course to members/participants.

In CRC® #2 you’ll gain familiarity with investment concepts that are critical to effective retirement counseling. Read more!

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Course #3: Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design

Clients have distinctive retirement planning needs. There is no one-size-fits-all best retirement plan that is tailored to everyone’s unique requirements. CRC® #3 arms retirement professionals with the key plan concepts and features to help them guide and assist clients in determining which types and combinations of retirement plans are likely to be best for them.

CRC® #3 helps the retirement professional translate the complex and often confusing information to clients/participants of various backgrounds need as they consider their retirement planning needs. Read more!

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Course #4: Fundamentals of Retirement Income Management

In InFRE’s CRC® #4 you will study InFRE’s unique Retirement Income Management content. This guide, the last of the series of four CRC study guides for CRC® candidates, allows you to finalize the knowledge you need to create a lifetime income stream after retirement.

CRC®#4 teaches you to coordinate the work you do as a retirement professional with other advisors essential to the retirement planning process. Read more!

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Course #5: Principles of Retirement Counseling and Education

This course will help you become a true retirement “counselor” in every sense of the word by teaching how to communicate with various personality types and provide educational content using a variety of media. Helping employees/clients understand when and how to work with other retirement professionals is part of being a counselor.

CRC®#5 also includes the CRC Code of Ethics which must be well understood and applied by all CRC certificants.
Read more!

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Refund Policy

Study guides may be returned in unused condition within ten business days from the date of receipt. No refunds will be granted when study guides are returned more than ten business days from the date of receipt or in damaged condition. The full refund policy including the examination fee or rescheduling an examination is available here.