Retirement Readiness

As the nation’s Baby Boomers progress in age, there is a rapidly increasing awareness of the need for a new skill set for professionals and individuals as clients and employees transition into retirement and need help managing their retirement income.

InFRE has significantly invested in research and analysis to define retirement readiness at the early, mid and late career stages, and better understand how to increase the retirement preparedness of the American worker.

Six in-depth research components conducted over three years, more than 30 retirement experts, and over 20,000 individuals participated in the research that designed and validated the InFRE Retirement Readiness Index® and the InFRE Retirement Readiness ProfileTM.

Retirement readiness begins with retirement literacy. In order to become retirement ready, a person needs to understand and know what to do. The InFRE® RetirAwareness Quiz (RAQ) is designed to set the standard for best practices in planning and measuring education results at the client, employee, advisor and organizational levels.


InFRE research makes case of new retirement education approach

See the results of the June, 2007 InFRE General Population Retirement Readiness Studywhich identified a comprehensive profile of retirement readiness among Americans to help retirement counselors and educators more effectively identify and utilize retirement education and delivery approaches when working with the mid-market. The study was conducted on behalf of InFRE by Matthew Greenwald and Associates.  Over 1,000 individuals in the early, mid and late phases of their working careers participated in the online survey.

The study was the final phase of a multi-year project completed by InFRE for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to help federal agencies provide employees with their individual state of readiness using various dimensions that should be considered when planning for retirement.  Agencies will use the retirement readiness profile as a tool to identify the general status of retirement of their employees and to plan specific programs to address issues identified.  The retirement readiness profile will also be used by OPM to conduct periodic surveys of the Federal workforce to track overall trends in retirement readiness for its over 3 million employees.

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