Retirement research InFRE has sponsored or contributed to on readiness, planning, and income management

The International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE) has long been involved in research that identifies areas where the retirement industry needs more insight and clarity around approaches to raising the retirement readiness of the American worker. We then incorporate the findings into the Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) program.

In particular, we participate in research with other respected organizations that will add to the body of knowledge needed by retirement professionals, product companies and software firms for helping the middle market make more informed financial decisions and secure their retirement future.

If you have questions about the following research or other projects, please contact Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, InFRE’s Director of Education and Research at 847.756.7350, ext. 133.

Retirement readiness research

2014    InFRE, NAGDCA: IMPROVING RETIREMENT READINESS for State and Local Government Employees
2014    Society of Actuaries’ Models of Financial Advice for Retirement Plans: Considerations for Plan Sponsors
2013    Society of Actuaries’ The Next Evolution in Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Design – A Guide for DC Plan Sponsors to Implementing Retirement Income Programs
2007   InFRE General Population Study on Retirement Readiness with Mathew Greenwald & Associates 
2003-2006  InFRE Worker and Retiree Retirement Readiness studies for federal government Office of Personnel Management (OPM);  Retirement Readiness Study Results of Federal Employee Survey

Retirement planning research

2013    Society of Actuaries’ Middle Market Retirement: Approaches for Retirees and Near-Retirees
2013    Society of Actuaries’ The Decision to Retire and Post-Retirement Financial Strategies: A Report on Eight Focus Groups
2012    InFRE, Society of Actuaries (SOA), Financial Planning Association (FPA): Approaching the Underserved Middle Market: Focus Groups with Financial Planners
2010    Society of Actuaries’ Post-Retirement Financial Strategies from the Perspective of an Individual Who Is Approaching Retirement Age
2010    Society of Actuaries’ Segmenting the Middle Market: Retirement Risks and Solutions–Phase 2 Report
2009   Society of Actuaries’ Segmenting the Middle Market: Retirement Risks and Solutions–Phase 1 Report
2007   Society of Actuaries’ Retirement Risks and Preferences Study
2008   SOA and Actuarial Foundation Retirement Software Study
2003   Society of Actuaries’ Retirement Plan Preferences Survey
2002   InFRE/SOA/LIMRA Retirement Software Study

Retirement income research

2015    Society of Actuaries’ Optimal Retirement Income Solutions in DC Retirement Plans
2009   InFRE/SOA/LIMRA What a Difference a Year Makes
2008   InFRE/SOA/LIMRA Will Assets Last a Lifetime?
2007   Society of Actuaries’ Phases of Retirement Survey
2007   Society of Actuaries’ Understanding and Managing the Risks of Retirement
2006   Society of Actuaries’ Call for Papers and Symposium on Retirement Expenses
2003   Society of Actuaries’ Retirement Risks Survey
2001   Society of Actuaries’ Retirement Risk Survey