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CRC 1 Fundamentals of Retirement Planning Print

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By taking a close look at how to plan for retirement at different career stages, CRC Course #1 provides techniques for understanding the broad variety of factors that can affect a clients retirement goals. With a strong emphasis on how the basic tools of financial planning can be used to best prepare for retirement, this course establishes the foundation of the CRC series.

CRC #1 features methods for motivating and educating clients on the need to save for retirement, and the importance of taking personal responsibility for their own financial futures.

  • Retirement planning life cycles

  • Behavioral finance

  • Cash management

  • Debt management

  • Tax and estate planning strategies

  • How time affects the value of money

  • Budgeting and the different life cycle stages

  • Elder care

  • Integrating employees plans with spousal benefits

  • Other sources of retirement income besides the employers plan

  • Effectively counseling clients with unique communication needs

  • Helping pre-retirees understand the importance of preparing psychologically, socially, physically, geographically and financially for retirement

  • Ethics

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