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CRC 3 Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design Print

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Clients have distinctive retirement planning needs. There is no one-size-fits-all best retirement plan that is tailored to everyones unique requirements. CRC #3 arms retirement professionals with the key plan concepts and features to help them guide and assist clients in determining which types and combinations of retirement plans are likely to be best for them.

CRC #3 helps the retirement professional translate the complex and often confusing information to clients/participants of various backgrounds need as they consider their retirement planning needs. Topics included in this study guide:

  • Definition of qualified and nonqualified plans

  • Basic features of qualified and nonqualified plans

  • The difference between defined benefit and defined contribution plans

  • Advantages of each plan to employers and employees

  • The rules governing qualified plans, including:

  • -Eligibility and contribution limitations

  • -Payment options at retirement

  • -The rules governing distributions, plans for individuals (IRAs) and the self-employed

  • Social Security and Medicare
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