About Exams

Prepare for the exam by first reviewing the CRC® Test Specifications. The four-hour, 200-question multiple-choice exam covers the domains of practice and knowledge required to perform tasks listed in the CRC® Test Specifications, and should be well understood before taking the exam. 175 of the questions are operational and contribute equally to each Candidate’s total score. Each question has a single correct response and there is no penalty for guessing. The remaining 25 are pilot questions which do not count towards the Candidate’s score. The pilot questions cannot be distinguished from those that are scored.

You may choose to use your own study materials and other resources to prepare.  InFRE also provides optional print, and online exam preparation resources to help candidates prepare for the exam.  Please note that the exam may test your knowledge of the most recent retirement plan contribution limits and thresholds. Click here to download and review the current year updates.

For information about how the CRC® exam items are developed, constructed, administered, scored, analyzed and reported refer to the CRC® Policies Manual, Section 4.

Click here to view a summary of the Practice Analysis conducted to determine the CRC®Test Specifications.

How to Schedule Your CRC® Examination

When you are ready to take the CRC® exam, you may pay your exam fee online, or call 847-756-7350 ext. 134. After paying your exam fee, you will receive an email from InFRE with information about how to schedule your exam approximately two months prior to the exam week.

If you require special testing accommodations due to a disability, access the Request for Special Testing Accommodations form here.

Exam Schedule and Fee Payment Deadlines

Exams are administered at computer based testing centers and you will be able to obtain immediate pass/fail results upon completion.  Dates for upcoming exam administrations are as follows:

Exam Period
Exam Fee Payment Deadline
April 13 – 25, 2020 March 16, 2020
July 13 – 25, 2020 June 15, 2020
October 13 – 25, 2020 September 14, 2020

To pay your exam fee click here. Your exam may be scheduled on Monday through Saturday during the exam weeks.

What to Bring to the Exam

You should plan to arrive at  your testing center at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time and present your photo identification to the proctor.  If you arrive after your exam start time, you may not be admitted to the examination site.

The following items will not be permitted in the examination room:

  • All personal electronic devices except those that are a medical necessity.
  • Children, guests, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), recording devices, cameras, pagers, purses, notebooks, notebook computers, reference or reading material, music players, radios, electronic games, calculators, or briefcases.
  • Personal items including watches, backpacks, pens, pencils, or other writing devices, food, drinks and good-luck items.
  • Hats, baseball caps, or visors (with the exception of religious apparel), coats, shawls, hooded clothing, heavy jackets or overcoats.

An online calculator will be enabled for your use during the exam.  Scratch paper and a pencil will also be provided by your proctor.

In the event that severe weather or another emergency forces the closure of an examination site on a scheduled examination date, your examination will be rescheduled.  Testing center personnel will attempt to contact you in this situation.

Pass Point Determination and Failing the Exam

The pass point for each form of the examination is determined by the Board of Standards and Policy Development based on credentialing industry accepted practice. Candidates who fail the exam may retake the exam during the next testing cycle and there is no limit as to the number of times one can take the exam.

Click here to view a summary of how the CRC® pass point is determined.

Exam Fee Refund and Rescheduling

Candidates who wish to cancel their exam may request an exam fee refund under certain conditions.  Candidates unable to sit for the CRC® Examination after scheduling their exam may reschedule up to two days prior to their scheduled exam date. Candidates who do not show for their scheduled exam date must pay a rescheduling fee.

For more information on exam fee refunds and rescheduling refer to the CRC® Candidate Handbook.


The following information is taken from the CRC® Policies Manual, Policy 2.6 – Confidentiality.

The Board of Standards and Policy Development (BOS) and its testing administrator stores, processes and uses data collected from registration forms and test score reports. Data is stored only to the extent necessary for processing and validating registrations/examination scores and in compliance with related record-retention policies and regulations.

Under no circumstances will individual data or test scores be shared with any entity outside of the BOS and its testing administrator, unless permission is obtained from the Candidate or Certificant or otherwise required by law. The BOS may develop and publish statistical data regarding the exams provided that the identities of the Candidates are not divulged.

Contact Us

For questions about the exam procedures, contact Amy, 847-756-7350 ext 134.

The CRC® Candidate Handbook contains essential information for Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) program candidates. Please read it carefully and keep it readily available as a reference until you have achieved Certificant status. Candidates are responsible for knowing the contents of this Handbook.