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Our Mission

The International Foundation for Retirement Education® (InFRE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1997. Our mission is to raise the retirement readiness of the American worker. With InFRE, retirement-focused professionals have access to quality education and tools so they can assist employees and clients with their retirement preparedness needs. This way, everyone can face a more secure future.

CRC® Statement of Purpose

InFRE’s Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) certification was created to advance recognition among retirement planning professionals of the need for a retirement specific certification program that demonstrates a mastery of subject matter, a commitment to the retirement planning profession, and adherence to a code of ethics and continuing education requirements.

Why InFRE is needed

  • American workers are now more personally responsible for their retirement plan and are spending more years in retirement.
  • Fundamental changes have been made or are foreseen in employer-sponsored pension plans, Social Security and the Medicare system.
  • Retirees face medical and long-term care expenses of unknown cost and length.
  • New retirement products and investment management methods are being introduced regularly to meet retirees’ needs for lifetime income and flexibility.
  • The definition of retirement is changing as people now phase into their retirement with bridge jobs, new careers or businesses, and people have to make decisions about where they will live and what they need to do to become retirement ready.













The confluence of these factors makes the jobs of retirement counselors increasingly difficult and complex — while at the same time increasingly more important. Moreover, many of the individuals who today are advising the American worker on how to achieve a secure and rewarding retirement have not been specifically trained and equipped to deal with these issues, particularly on the distribution side of the equation. These professionals have also not had access to quality educational materials to properly educate their employees and clients.

InFRE’s goal is to provide credible retirement certifications and objective educational tools to help retirement professionals increase the retirement preparedness of the American worker.

InFRE’s Board of Governors

The CRC® Board of Standards and Policy Development