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CRC® Course 4: Fundamentals of Retirement Income Management

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Course Description:

CRC®4 presents a well-developed retirement income planning process that will help you help clients/plan participants shift from retirement accumulation planning to retirement distribution planning. In this course you will study InFRE’s unique retirement income management content. A primary focus is on how to use a process to help clients/plan participants evaluate and manage the four primary retirement risks when creating a retirement income plan that will last a lifetime. You will also gain an understanding of how to identify and address options for filling planning gaps and how convert retirement resources into income.

Topics included in this study guide include:

  • Retirement accumulation model
  • Retirement income management model
  • Determining client retirement income and expense gaps
  • Managing retirement risks
  • Identification of client tax and estate planning issues and opportunities
  • Converting resources into income

Continuing Education Credits Available:

Approved for 7.5 hrs CRC® CE credits. All CRC® study guide CE quizzes are free. Certificants may not apply CRC® study guides toward CE credit for their first CRC® renewal period after becoming certified and may not submit the same quiz for two consecutive CRC® renewal periods.