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CRC® Course 5: Principles of Retirement Counseling and Education

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Course Description:

CRC® 5 provides the finishing touches for becoming a true retirement “counselor” in every sense of the word by exploring how to communicate with various personality types and deliver educational content using a variety of media. This course focuses on the “counseling” aspects of how to be a retirement counselor by using effective communication and education.  After completing the course, you will be well-prepared to identify nonverbal communication cues and how to consider gender and generational characteristics when counseling your clients/plan participants. Fiduciary responsibilities and the CRC® Code of Ethics are also covered.

Topics included in this study guide include:

  • Defining characteristics of today’s generations
  • Communication styles
  • Gender considerations
  • Basic processes in counseling
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Effective inquiry
  • Education
  • Advice
  • Learning stages and styles
  • Common communication and education tools
  • Ethics
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Working with other professionals

Continuing Education Credits Available:

Approved for 3.5 hrs CRC® CE credits. All CRC® study guide CE quizzes are free. Certificants may not apply CRC® study guides toward CE credit for their first CRC® renewal period after becoming certified and may not submit the same quiz for two consecutive CRC® renewal periods.