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CRC® Certificants are required to report 15 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits annually.  At least two hours of ethics CE must be submitted every two years.  CE credit reported in excess of the 15 hour requirement may be carried over to the next renewal period only.   Go to your Certificant profile to see when your ethics CE is due and any carry-over CE credit you may have from the previous reporting period.

For self-study programs, CE credit will be based on the average completion time of the program.  A minimum of 50 minutes of completion time is required for 1 hour of CE credit. Additional half-hour increments will be accepted after the first hour has been completed. Any course less than one credit hour will not be accepted.

For attendance at live programs (e.g., conferences and workshops), submissions must contain a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction/presentation time. A 50-minute session counts as one credit hour. Partial credit hours rounded to the nearest quarter hour will be granted (e.g., a 70-minute session would count as 1.25 hours; a 65 minute session would count as 1.0 hour). Any course less than one credit hour will not be accepted.

Certificants repeating coursework may not submit the same course for CE credit over two consecutive CE reporting periods.  This includes coursework that contains the same content offered in different formats (i.e., print book and webinar).   Click here to view the approved CE topic list and other policies related to reporting CE.

If you have any questions regarding your renewal requirements, please call Customer Care at 847-756-7350 ext. 134 or e-mail us.

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