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CRC® Client Brochures (25 pk)- 6 to 10 packs

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Use the CRC® Client Brochure to help explain why clients should use a Certified Retirement Counselor®.
Let your clients know that as a Certified Retirement Counselor® you:
  • Are committed to high ethical standards and continuing professional education.
  • Have met examination and experience requirements.
  • Comprehend what today’s complex retirement plans and laws mean to them.
  • Understand the dynamics of life changing issues.
  • Can identify appropriate retirement saving and/or income strategies.

Use the CRC® brochure to help answer these questions with your clients:
  • Why work with a Certified Retirement Counselor®?
  • How is a CRC® qualified to help me?
  • When should I meet with my Certified Retirement Counselor®?

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