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Ethical Issues in the Retirement Arena PDF Download Course

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This course does not intend to cover every aspect of business ethics, but it is designed to assist CRC certificants in updating their ability to assess ethical situations in regard to the InFRE Code of Ethics.

Some may wonder why an ethics course is required every two years. After all, we read and signed the Code of Ethics when we received our designation. However, this is the very reason we must keep abreast of behavior that could result in sanctions by the InFRE governing body. Most of us are not going to intentionally mislead or misdirect any of our clients, employees or members, but sometimes, because we are dealing with not only someones money, but also their feelings about family, retirement, home, work etc., we can find ourselves in difficult or troubling situations. Technicalities of the plan are important, but remember, retirement planning touches the emotional lives of participants as well! Increasingly, employers are using benefits to attract and retain employees. Constant regulatory changes in the field require a team of regulatory specialists to keep us informed.

Your reason for studying ethics today is to learn the principles and rules of conduct expected from the InFRE Board of Governors. With the certification of CRC comes the responsibility to adhere to the InFRE Code of Ethics. Be assured that by abiding to the Code you will be assuring public confidence in the integrity and professionalism of your certification.
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